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That was the least interesting day ever. 5 stars for Bob Marley. -3 stars for lack of creativity.

Worst thing I have ever seen.

Your shitty voice-acting and mic quality has violated my ears. Also you should learn to animate, because that was terrible.

Just curious...

Why do you think that comments saying "THIS SUCKS" or "WOW NOOB" will be deleted? Surely you're not dumb enough to think you can delete them yourself?

Also, wow noob. This sucks. I'm not just saying that either. The joke was lame, the animation was crap, and voice acting was quite terrible. I suggest you work on all three before you try to submit something again.

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Where to even begin...

-Hit detection. How about triggering loss by touching the FACE ITSELF instead of an INVISIBLE BOX around it???
-Predictable patterns. Even if the hit detection didn't make this LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE, each face makes the same circular pattern as it falls. Also the first wave falls in exactly the same columns every time.
-Background. It makes no sense. Why is there a forest in the background?
-Graphics. Everything is dragged onto the stage with little effort. The background doesn't even fill the entire stage area. Every image in the game is a .jpeg just imported and plopped onto the stage, leaving jagged, ugly lines all over.
-Font. Please don't use that font. Ever. I can't even think of what situation it would be remotely suitable.
-Meme misuse. Why is there a megusta face when you lose? Do you even know what 'me gusta' means?
-Too easy to cheat. This is pretty obvious, but you REALLY need to fix the whole 'move the cursor outside the screen and dodge forever' thing.
-Pointless. You don't even win. Is this supposed to be fun, attempting to dodge infinite waves of predictably-patterned falling faces? Before you answer: No. The answer is no.

Assuming you didn't copy/paste the code from examples and actually know a thing or two about programming, it shouldn't be too hard to make the above changes. But for me to even consider this a "game," you should also add a points system and a scoreboard. Also, instead of just plopping images onto the stage, try redrawing them (or even tracing, I don't care) in flash so they don't look so horrific.

Half a star for attempted effort.

HenrikSahlin responds:

I know of all the above "issues" and this was only a start when I began to learn actionscript, I made this a couple months ago and iIm working on a much better new one with no google images. Thank you for the review though.

Before I even played it, my first impression of this game was "oh look, another cookie-cutter'd bullet hell game," but as I played it, I found it to be much more than just some copy/pasted game. It's fun. The controls and animation are smooth, the hitbox is just the right size to be able to dodge most balls and not be bullshittedly hard, and the rhythm system works fantastically. But most of all I LOVED the add-your-own-songs feature. I almost never play flash games, but I just played this one for 2 hours and enjoyed every second of it.

My favorite combo so far:
Pattern Training
Pattern #10
Heaven crusher difficulty
Song: Embrace the World - Gojira

Try it, it's an excellent song to practice to.

Nonako responds:

Arhhhh, you made me want to change the game name to "Beat Crusher" or something cooler. >"<
My thank to you for spending 2 hours on this game (I hope you will spend more xD), thank you so much!

In real life...

...you'd be decked out.

As for the game, its not too bad I guess. Could use more animation though, maybe some sound, and a mini game where you have to run away from a smoker who's pissed you just threw away his cigarette.

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Your Red Guy voice might even be better than the original voice actor's, in my opinion.

Apatheria responds:

Ohhh, I'm no Charles Adler, but thank you for the lovely comment. c:

I searched "dicks" just for the hell of it and ended up here...

Fived just for that epic description. And the ringtone is nice too

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Yup, this is probably the most awesome thing I can even imagine.

GraphicZomg responds:



It's funny because she's black

ZombieMonkey responds:


Not bad overall... but...

I think you made his legs too fat.

spanio responds:

She is supposed to be thick. But I agree, these legs look too fat. I will work harder at conveying the difference in the future.


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